Improved quality of life
Man having chiropractic back adjustment

Our client was living in a nursing home, running out of funds, and suffering from chronic back pain. He had historically seen a chiropractor prior to his nursing home residency, but could not do so anymore because he could not get to the doctor’s office, and was afraid he could no longer afford the cost due to his large nursing home bills.   Our legal team organized his remaining assets and placed them in a special needs trust.  We then qualified him for Medicaid which paid for his nursing home bed.   Our Elder Care Coordinator then connected with the client’s chiropractor and arranged for the doctor to visit the nursing home. Our client used the funds in the trust to pay for the chiropractor visits while Medicaid paid for his other medical expenses.   The subsequent chiropractic treatments helped this gentleman get relief from back pain and regain an increased level of independence and mobility. This directly improved his quality of life for the rest of his life.

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