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Financial Power of Attorney

The importance of a financial power of attorney

“We need to set up a new will.” I hear those words every single week across my desk from clients at our law office. But rare is the day when clients come in seeking, first and foremost, a new financial power of attorney. A financial power of attorney is a document in which you name…

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Golden Years

Having spent the last decade in elder law, it is easy to begin to wonder where is the “gold” in the “golden years.” Or is it just fool’s gold? Day after day, I see seniors and their families frustrated that they spent a lifetime saving up a nest egg that is not ultimately spent on…

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Beneficiary Designation Forms

As important as a will or trust can be to your estate plan, the most important document may be your beneficiary designation form. This is especially true for today’s seniors since so many people have much of their wealth tied up in 401Ks and IRAs. Most clients do not realize that a beneficiary designation form…

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Prince’s Estate—The Perils of Lack of Planning

When I turned 16, my parents threw me a Sweet 16 surprise birthday party. All of my high school friends were there, and as part of my gift bounty I received not one, but two vinyl copies of Prince’s Purple Rain album. After I put that record on the turntable; I became a life-long fan. There were…

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The Sweet Sound of Respect for Elders

One of the reasons I got into elder law is because it irks me that not enough people seem to respect elders in the first place.  Too often, when a younger person sees a senior citizen crossing the street at perhaps a slower pace, the reaction is, “Move it Grandpa” without even considering the wealth…

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