A wife was at her wit’s end
Senior couple holding hands

A wife was at her wit’s end trying to care for her ailing husband at home. He was large in stature with severe mobility issues. He needed a Hoyer lift (a special medical device) to get out of his chair or bed.  The home health care agency they had hired was giving them inconsistent service, at best.  Often the caregivers would cancel at the last minute, or just not show up at all.  Consequently, the wife felt trapped.   She could not make plans to give herself a break and get out of the house because she never really knew if the caregivers would arrive.  Our Elder Care Coordinator visited the couple in their home and assessed their needs. Then, because she was networked with the community resources for our seniors, our ECC  was able to identify and recommend an excellent home care agency that provided the quality and consistent care the husband needed.  His wife started again going on outings and began to feel that she had a life outside of the home.  Our Medicare Coordinator sorted through the byzantine-like medical bills the couple kept receiving, directing which ones to pay and which ones to ignore.  Plus, our legal team discovered the couple had not properly filled out the beneficiary forms on their retirement accounts, which would have landed their estates in probate court, and cost their heirs tens of thousands of dollars in taxes in the future.  We coached them through their estate planning so their estate administration will run smoothly down the road and their children will receive a larger inheritance.

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