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  • Life Care Planning
  • Medicaid Planning
  • Nursing Home & Elder Care Coordination
  • Probate
  • Guardianships
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Special Needs  Trusts
  • Estate Planning
  • Veterans Benefits




  • Dennison Keller LLC!  We were trying to work through the maze that is Elder Care (Medicare and Veterans benefits) for my father-in-law.  Beyond the fact that Dennison and his staff are kind and professional, they truly care about each individual client.  They do not do a cookie-cutter one plan fits all, but rather create a personal and customized plan for each client.  Dennison spent time understanding my father-in-laws wishes and priorities and then created a unique plan to meet his needs.  The staff was on top of every detail and they displayed care for the entire family.  Their care for the family and knowledge of the system and steps to take made us feel confident all along the journey.  Thank-you to Dennison, Norrie, Karen, Sandra and the whole team! ~~ Rob

  • I can say with confidence that I made the right decision using Dennison and his staff for for the care of my mother.  Dennison and his staff are personable and care about who they are helping. When a question or issue arose they responded quickly to resolve the issue.  I can't thank them enough and would strongly recommend them to anyone seeking help with a love one.  ~~ Reid

  • Dennison and his entire team were invaluable to me in navigating and selecting an optimum place for my mom and giving me peace of mind that she will be taken care of for the long term.  At the start of the process I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what I didn’t know.  Dennison and his team led me step by step – at the initial meeting with Dennison, he offered several options to consider and then took time to explain the process to other family members.  His nurse went with me on visits to various places and helped me select the best assisted living facility.  The entire team helped me to understand finances and gather the essential information to assure financial sustainability.  I am so grateful that a dear friend recommended Dennison to us – he and his team have been a blessing.  ~~ Nancy

  • We are VERY happy to be working with Dennison and his staff as they helped us get my mom set up for Medicaid.  From the first meeting we could see this isn't just a business to him, he cares about the people he's helping.  Part of our document gathering was to provide him a picture of my mom so he could put a face to who he is helping.  This has been an investment that has been well worth it saving us a lot of time and has created peace knowing we are working with someone who knows how the system works.  He and his staff are very personable and responsive to any questions or needs we have.  It was a nice affirmation when I was doing funeral pre-planning with the funeral home and I told them we were working with Dennison, the response was "ooh, you're working with the big dog in town, he's the best."  After working with him for a year now, I would agree - he is the best! ~~ Ron

  • The most caring and loving law firm i Could have asked for...they treated my family with respect...always avaiable by phone or email to answer any questions...the whole firm was just terrific. ~~ Cindi

  • I cannot begin to describe the awesomeness that is this attorney's office.  Dennison  Keller is a straight shooter, who is kind and has a sense of humor. Everyone in his office is knowledgeably, and caring.  Concerning my mother's lifespan, I am confident that we are making decisions that are the best for her.  I cannot thank them enough ~~Kathy

  • My Wife was sick but didn't think she was and therefore would not go to the hospital. Dennison and his staff made it happen and when it was time for her to be released he called me. After he said she needed 24/7 care, I said I thought I would care for her at home. He politely told me that I was the only one who thought I could take care of her. His unwillingness to allow me to fool myself or to take chances with her and my health are just a few of the many reasons I will rely on Dennison Keller and his staff for our legal, financial and medical needs in the future.
    ~~ Earl

  • Truly the best in class!  ~~ Stephanie

  • Great  people to work with.   very informative.  ~~ Leonie

  • “I can’t thank you enough for all you did for my brother.” 
    ~~ Carol


  •  “We all appreciate your support of mom and dad.  Mom always looked forward to her visits from Debbie.  They, as we have been touched by your kindness.”  ~~Jenny


  •  “I do want to thank all of you for your kindness and help with regards to helping myself and family get Mom in a safer environment than she was in.  I truly appreciate the help I personally received from the day I came into the office off the street under complete duress.  Sandra was the kindest person when it came to helping me out that day.  You'll never know the stress relief I received after finding there was light in our dark tunnel.  So again thank you.  Debbie Groh, the same, what a kind awesome lady. She was wonderful in helping us getting into the retirement community.  Thank you.  And of course Mr. Dennison Keller without your law practice I would never been able to figure out how, let alone where to go with all that was needed with getting my mother the care she needed/needs  more and more.  Thank You.”  ~~ Toni


  • ”I appreciate all you have done for dad and me throughout these last few months.”  ~~Vicki

  • “When you’re going through what is potentially one of the most traumatic events of your life, professional help and legal guidance are invaluable. You can easily be overwhelmed with dealing with a loved one’s declining faculties. The Elder Law Practice of Dennison Keller can help lift the burden and prevent you from making costly mistakes. I highly recommend their services.” ~~ Ted

  • “If you are looking for an agency experienced in handling matters pertaining to elder law, then I highly recommend The Law Practice of Dennison Keller, LLC.  The Law Practice of Dennison Keller, LLC was a God sent blessing for me in my time of need, when my 85-year-old Alzheimer diagnosed mother charged me with the task of navigating the intricacies of elder law, i.e. Medicare/Medicaid, Patient Care Conferences and Creating Trusts, etc.  The created charge was relieved immensely thanks to the caring and knowledgeable staff of The Law Practice of Dennison Keller, LLC, who take pride in rendering a quality service with a comforting personal touch.

    Again, I highly recommend The Law Practice of Dennison Keller, LLC for matters pertaining to elder care.” ~~ Dwight

  • "If they charged a million dollars for what they so successfully accomplish, it wouldn't be enough. After a decade of sleepless nights, my grandparents are safe, sound, and living a very happy existence, all thanks to the DK Posse!!!"  ~~ Brea

  • “Thank you for the planting of trees in Mom’s honor.  It is a great tribute.  Thank you also for the care you gave to her and Dad over the last few years.  It was such a relief to know things were handled properly.  Blessings on you and your practice.”

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