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Veterans Benefits may be the most misunderstood and under utilized resources available to Seniors today. Most people are aware that Benefits are available through the Veterans Administration for the brave men and women who served in our armed forces. Yet, too few veterans (and their spouses) realize that they could be eligible to receive large monthly checks even if they did not directly retire from the military or get injured in the line of duty.


Perhaps, the problem lies in the name of the program: Veterans Pension. Most people hear the word "pension" and think of a long work career that ends in retirement. Yet, wrapped within the VA Pension system is the Aid and Attendance Benefit.


A veteran or a widowed spouse of a veteran who is eligible for the Pension and Aid and Attendance program could receive the following monetary benefits:


2021 Maximum Pension Rates for Aid and Attendance











What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

  • The Requirements to receive some form of Aid and Attendance are not as stringent as one might think. A Veteran, Widowed Spouse, or Disabled Adult Child can be a claimant.

  • Veteran Must have Served at Least Ninety Consecutive Days on Active duty; one day of which had to have been during a War Time Period. (This does not mean the Veteran had to have served directly in a combat zone. It simply means he or she served during a time of war.)

  • Veteran must have had an "Other than Dishonorable Discharge"

  • Claimant's Physician Must Declare Him/Her as Housebound and in Need of Assistance from Another Individual. That individual may include Home Health Care Helper, Assisted Living, or Nursing Home Care

  • Claimant generally must have less than $130,773 in assets.  The VA asset limit does not include the primary residence, car, or personal belongings.

  • Claimant must meet income requirements

  • Widowed Spouse must have been Married to the Veteran at the time of the Veteran's Death or have had children by the Veteran and never remarried (Minor or Disabled Children may qualify for Benefits on their own)

  • Widowed Spouse must have been living with the Veteran at the time of the Veteran's death, unless the separation was due to medical or military reasons (there may be some exceptions related to separations due to abuse)


Additional Benefits

Once Awarded Aid and Attendance, a Veteran may obtain free medications, medial equipment, incontinence supplies, glasses, and hearing aids from the VA. The Veteran can also often get these health care supplies by U.S. Mail, and does not have drive to a VA hospital or clinic.


Married Veteran

$2,295.75 Per Month


Veteran Married to Veteran

$3,071.75 Per Month

Single Veteran

$1,936.50 Per Month


Widowed Spouse

$1,244.50 Per Month

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