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Here are some tangible real life examples from our clients demonstrating how the Life Care Planning process directly and positively impacted their quality of life.

  • At a visit with the client in a nursing home, our Elder Care Coordinator learned that the nursing home resident had a chronic wound on her tailbone due to sitting long hours in a wheelchair.  Our Elder Care Coordinator immediately spoke with the nursing staff, and suggested the facility try a “Roho Cushion” to relieve the pressure on her tailbone. Our ECC also offered additional wound care techniques including increasing her protein intake to help speed healing of the wound. Within a few weeks, the pressure sores had cleared up and our client felt happier and free of pain from the wound.

  • Our client was living in a nursing, running out of funds, and suffering from chronic back pain. He had historically seen a chiropractor prior to his nursing home residency, but could not do so anymore because he could not get to the doctor’s office, and was afraid he could no longer afford the cost due to his large nursing home bills.   Our legal team organized his remaining assets and placed them a special needs trust.  We then qualified him for Medicaid which paid for his nursing home bed.   Our Elder Care Coordinator then connected with the client’s chiropractor and arranged for the doctor to visit the nursing home. Our client used the funds in the trust to pay for the chiropractor visits while Medicaid paid for his other medical expenses.   The subsequent chiropractic treatments helped this gentleman get relief from back pain and regain an increased level of independence and mobility. This directly improved his quality of life for the rest of his life.

  • Our client was in long-term nursing care due to a fall at home.  She had resided in the nursing home for two years.  The client, along with her family, had a strong desire for her to try return to living in her own home.  Through several visits with the client and her daughter, our Elder Care Coordinator was able to come up with a detailed plan and identify the appropriate support resources that would be needed for the client to return home.  At our ECC’s recommendation, the family spent several weeks preparing the house, installing a wheel chair ramp, placing a hospital bed in the bedroom, and remodeling the bathroom.  Our client was able to return to living at home with the assistance of in-home care.  Our ECC coordinated with the family to get Community Transitions to do a care evaluation and to assess the level of care she would need at home.  The client is currently back at home and is receiving 24-hour home health care.  In addition, our ECC arranged to have weekly skilled physical and occupational therapies at home.  By working closely with the elder, family members and community resources, our ECC was instrumental in having her return to living at home which was the ultimate goal for the family.

  • A wife was at her wit’s end trying to care for her ailing husband at home.   He was large in stature with severe mobility issues. He needed a Hoyer lift (a special medical device) to get out of his chair or bed.  The home health care agency they had hired was giving them inconsistent service, at best.  Often the caregivers would cancel at the last minute, or just not show up at all.  Consequently, the wife felt trapped.   She could not make plans to give herself a break and get out of the house because she never really knew if the caregivers would arrive.  Our Elder Care Coordinator visited the couple in their home and assessed their needs. Then, because she was networked with the community resources for our seniors, our ECC  was able to identify and recommend an excellent home care agency that provided the quality and consistent care the husband needed.  His wife started again going on outings and began to feel that she had a life outside of the home.  Our Medicare Coordinator sorted through the byzantine-like medical bills the couple kept receiving, directing which ones to pay and which ones to ignore.  Plus, our legal team discovered the couple had not properly filled out the beneficiary forms on their retirement accounts, which would have landed their estates in probate court, and cost their heirs tens of thousands of dollars in taxes in the future.  We coached them through their estate planning so their estate administration will run smoothly down the road and their children will receive a larger inheritance.

  • Our client, who was residing in a nursing home, had difficulty speaking English and communicating with the nursing home staff. In addition, she was having difficulty with her tube feeding and was frequently aspirating the nutritional supplement which created additional health concerns. Our Elder Care Coordinator suggested that the nursing home staff elevate her bed while being tube-fed to prevent the aspiration from occurring at each feeding. This solved the problem immediately.

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